Welcome to
White sands Woodworks

Where the beauty of wood and metal meets the artistry and quality of German craftsmanship.

At White Sands Woodworks, the passion for woodworking and blacksmithing runs deep. This stems from a lifelong dedication to the art of creating exquisite pieces, all under the skilled guidance of Karl Peter, the heart and soul of the business.

Crafting unique furniture
and cabinetry pieces

Tailored to your style, indoors or outdoors.
Tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets and more –
let’s create your perfect atmosphere.

Forging with precision and passion

Whether you’re seeking the perfect blade or steak turner for your culinary endeavors or unique ironwork to adorn your space. Let us forge the masterpiece that perfectly complements your style.

Celebrating your brave member of the Armed Forces

With a customized, laser engraved gift such as a military challenge coin display, desk top coin holder, flag display case, or shadow box. Commemorative plaques make for a much-appreciated PCS, farewell, or retirement gift.

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I would love to realize your custom ideas with you.
Please get in touch with me and let’s create something great!